• By the Numbers: 75 Incredible Email Statistics

    Email is now widely used as a medium of communication and marketing worldwide. Very seldom do people stop to consider the statistics of email usage. Below are some interesting facts about email usage all over the world to help you better understand our new widely used method to communicate with people all over the world.

  • The 17 Biggest Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Cost

    Positive email marketing strategies are available across the internet. But even with plenty resources available and progressive email marketing software, errors are frequently made. These bloopers, though, aren’t the blatantly misspelled text in the initial paragraph or the inappropriate graphics that eye the wrong advertisement. These are the tiny errors that are informal to supervise,

  • Using Animated GIFs in Emails 101

    Email marketing is a fundamental marketing tool that is being used by businesses today. It’s a cost effective approach to reach out to a vast number of customers. The most highlighted advantages of relying on email marketing are its immediacy and low cost. With email marketing, it is possible to target the right customer at

  • List Building 101: Building a List from Scratch

    “Marketing is like sex: everyone thinks they’re good at it.”

    You don’t want to be bad at email marketing, right?

    In the guide below, you will go through the crux of list building. If you haven’t read anything about list building, the following guide is enough to make you understand how this email marketing stuff actually works.