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SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

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SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an e-mail validation system designed for preventing e-mail spam by detecting e-mail spoofing, a common vulnerability and threat by verifying the sender’s IP addresses. SPF allows the administrators to specify the hosts which are allowed to send mail from a given domain by creating a particular SPF record in the Domain Name System. Mail exchangers use the DNS for checking that whether the mail from a given record domain is being sent by a host sanctioned from that particular domain’s administrators.

When a domain publishes an SPF record, spammers are less likely to forge e-mails pretending to be from that domain and the reason for this being that the forged e-mails are more likely to be caught by the spam filters which continuously check the SPF record.

Hence, an SPF protected domain is much less attractive to the spammers. Because of SPF protected domain is less attractive as being a spoofed address, it is less likely to get blacklisted by the spam filters and so the e-mail being sent is more likely to get through.