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’Spam’ is an e-mail sent to a large number of internet users without any request for the former by the latter. Hence a ‘spam’ is basically an unwanted, Junk mail. Electronic spamming uses electronic messaging systems for sending unsolicited bulk messages especially for advertising, indiscriminately.

Spam is unhealthy for the success of any organization. Working with permission and authorization is very necessary so as to avoid being permanently blacklisted. Spamming is followed up by various advertisers because it is economically viable and they have no operating costs beyond managing their mailing lists. It is difficult to hold the senders accountable for their massive mailings.

Because of the barrier to entry being very low, the number of spammers is large and the volume of unsolicited mail is becoming high. Spamming must be avoided and proper permission must be taken so that the advertisement is noticed carefully by the user and marketing be enhanced.