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List Broker

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A list broker is an individual or company that acts as a facilitator between a person or business wishing to rent or buy a mailing list, and the party selling or hiring out the email list. The list not only contains email addresses but also other vital details including names, sex, age, geographical location, and interests. Using this information, a list broker is able to find the right fit for a client depending on the nature of their business. They may also have data on the response rate of each list. List brokers are usually hired for direct marketing purposes.

Real list brokers typically don’t have their own lists but have at their disposal the necessary research systems, which give them access to available email lists on he market. Using the services of a list broker does not cost more than buying directly from the owner. However, the list seller has to part away with a little fee in the form of commissions for the broker. This is usually 20% of the base rate.