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Carbon Copy

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When sending an e-mail, the address of the primary recipient is written in the ‘To:’ field. If there are other people you would want to send the same e-mail to, you list their addresses under ‘Cc’. This is short for ‘carbon copy’. It comes from the days of hand-written paper mail, and later typewriters where the sender would write a letter over carbon paper.  The result was one or two exact ‘carbon copies’. Sometime Cc can be seen as ‘courtesy copy’

Why Use Carbon Copy?

Using ‘Cc’ is a fast and convenient way of sending the same email to multiple people instead of manually contacting each recipient. In contrast to blind carbon copy, Bcc, addresses listed under carbon copy will be visible to all recipients of the mail. It is good for establishing ‘witnesses’ to an e-mail conversation. For example, an employee asking for another to fill in for them for a particular duty, would send them an email, CC other colleagues and the managers in charge.